Hoarding Art
Not Your Typical Canvas

In 2015, the City of Toronto enacted legislation that requires community artwork to be installed on new construction sites that encroach on the public realm.

While hoarding (the walls that surround construction sites) may vary in size from site to site, it typically is 8 feet in height, and is assembled in panels that are installed side-by-side. These stretches may line our city’s streets for years; endure long winters and construction activity; as well as serve as the public facing image of a development project.

With this, and our experience working with some of Canada’s largest private and public development groups in mind, we have developed a selection of Hoarding Art Exhibit offerings found below.

Existing Artwork

Developer select artowrk from PATCH's curated collection

  • Quick method of ensuring staging permit requirements are met
  • Contributes to a developer’s community conscious brand
  • Profiles the work of local artist(s)
Less than 1 month

Developer selects artist from PATCH’s curated collection or through a targeted “Call for Proposals” — the artist produces new site-specific work with input from developer.

  • Effective method of ensuring staging permit requirements are met while ensuring developer’s brand is maintained through site-specific artwork
  • Serves as a flagship celebration of the client’s commitment to the local arts community
  • Engages community in optional live arts events (dependent on artistic media)
  • Profiles the work of local artist(s)
6-8 weeks
Community Engaged Art

PATCH arranges for a community artist or arts organization to create a site-specific, community engaged art piece — the artist facilitates the production of new site-specific work that reflects either the local community or a theme with input from the community.

  • Actively engages local stakeholders in cultural or heritage project
  • Maximizes developer’s image and contribution within the local community, as well as supports relationship building with local stakeholders
  • Engages community in optional live arts events (dependent on artistic media)
  • Creates unique capacity building / skill development opportunities for local residents
8-16 weeks
Custom Installations

Each construction site is different and many offer unique surfaces to work with. PATCH works with developer to explore what unique site-specific opportunities may be present. Some options include: fence art; jersey barrier installations; light and/or sound installations.

  • Maximizes developer’s “innovative” image
  • 3D installations literally stand out and grab people’s attention
  • Light installations visually transform a site and increase safety by illuminating the area
  • Other options can bring art to surfaces and areas that are usually neglected