1 Resurrection Rd, Toronto

This exhibit was developed in collaboration with members of the Six Points community in Etobicoke, ON. Its design reflects the concept of presenting an image for a community to add their colours to, it completely embraces the idea of collaboration and working together to create something beautiful in the most playful way showing the caring and pride in a neighbourhood filled with wonderful/colourful people. This finished artwork is the result of many creative hands and minds working together.The work was printed onto tiled cardstock, which was then provided to local residents to bring to life through the addition of colour at a community engagement session for the large-scale revitalization project in the area.

About Our Partner

Following more than 10 years of planning, consultation, engineering, and design, the City of Toronto has begun construction to reconfigure the Six Points intersection. The reconfiguration supports the development of Etobicoke Centre as a vibrant mixed-use transit-oriented community. 

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