The Other Side

45 Dunfield Ave, Toronto, ON M4S 2H4

This collage of photographs is comprised of segments of fences as viewed from the outside in areas where greenery crosses from private property into public space. The piece serves to draw attention to the power nature has in claiming its territory despite our attempts to control the environment through fabricating boundaries. Viewed around this construction site, “The Other Side” gives the illusion that nature exists just beyond the fence.

About Our Partner

Lillian Park epitomizes Shiplake Properties’ mission to combine the best in architecture, innovation, sustainability and design. Located in the southeast quadrant of a site within close walking distance to the Yonge Eglinton Centre, Lillian Park is a purpose-built rental development comprised of two buildings that are 24 and 26 storeys, totalling 564 units and inspired by elements of the neighbourhood’s existing context that encourages pedestrian interaction and circulation.

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