St Clair

2 St Clair E, Toronto ON


As part of a wider revitalization of the Yonge & St Clair community, we have collaborated celebrated British artist PHLEGM to bring more public art into this soon to be thriving midtown hub.

Inspired by the eight storey mural, which we produced at 1 St Clair West, Slate Asset Management and Blackjet Inc. proposed leveraging the iconic imagery for use in a combination of both permanent and temporary streetscape improvements.

Included in these initiatives was the placement of PHLEGM’s original sketches of the work on street banners, along with the hoarding for 2 St Clair East, as it undergoes large-scale renovations. Elegant and complex in shape of a human form, the mural is a metaphor for the living, breathing nature of the city and emergence of soon-to-be revived Yonge and St. Clair. Set to undergo an explosion of rapid change, the transformed area will see unified public realm improvements, architectural facelifts of the intersection’s buildings, new retail and engaging public signage.

About Our Partner

Slate Asset Management

Slate Asset Management LP is one of Canada’s most active and innovative acquirers, owners and managers of real estate. Simply put, Slate finds good real estate at highly compelling valuations, using its trusted network to raise capital and execute on opportunities. Value is the focus. Slate gets to work driving the value in investments to the benefit of investors and tenants alike.

Yonge and St. Clair was once a vibrant and bustling area, but in recent times has been sorely overlooked. Having recently acquired all four corners of this hub, Slate’s goal is to make lasting, impactful public-realm improvements that will revive this once-proud neighbourhood, and the St Clair Mural is their first step in injecting a dynamic new energy into the community.

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