Search and Find

15 Eglinton Square, Scarborough, ON M1L 2K1

Crosslinx Search and Find

Crosslinx Transit Solutions collaborated with The PATCH Project, Toronto artist Monica Wickeler, and Clairlea Public School to develop a mural for the tree protection zone hoarding at Eglinton Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue. Building transit infrastructure is not only about improving our city’s transportation system, it is also about cultivating our communities and protecting our trees – this is why we have tree protection zones, so we can keep our trees safe and healthy during construction.


This mural is inspired by the classic Search and Find game, and features the artwork of grade 7 students at Clairlea Public School. Students were encouraged to reflect on the importance of trees in our city and why we need to protect them, and produce a legend of creatures, insects and plants – all of which call these trees their home. The mural depicts life within the urban forest and invites the viewer to discover all the life forms that can be found therein.