70 Carlton, Toronto ON

This abstract art installation is comprised of four pieces of digital artwork by Denys Golemenkov |Gol.Den. |. Each panel’s geometric lines and patterns represent the various flows and melodies of the city, its unique beats and rhythms. Together, they combine to create a harmonious and vibrant artwork, conveying positive emotions with its vivid colours.

Denys is a Ukrainian born, Canadian visual artist and graphic designer. His works are influenced by his background in architecture, and today’s modern city structures. Having created works of different media and themes, his ultimate style is reflective of the freedom of expression and positivity he found while living in Toronto.

About Our Partner

Tribute Communities is an award-winning builder with over 35 years experience who has built more than 30,000 homes and condominium suites across the GTA.  Tribute has created a number of spectacular high-rise condominium residences in Toronto and stands by their commitment to excellence in design and highest level of customer service and satisfaction.


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