Astral Projection

10 York St Toronto, ON M5J 2L9

The PATCH Project and local real estate developer Tridel have teamed up on the installation of two new public artworks at the future site of the Ten York condos. Located on Harbour Street at the intersection with York Street, the large scale reproductions of two pieces by Toronto visual artist Bryan Belanger foreshadow the colour and vibrancy of the upcoming residential community that will soon be built at this location.

This collaboration is just part of The PATCH Project’s efforts to bring art to the streets of Toronto, including other works that have recently been installed at Alexandra Park. These initiatives aim to challenge the way that the people of Toronto view public art, and start a dialogue with the City on how construction hoarding as well as other underutilized and forgotten spaces are treated.

The two abstract pieces by Toronto artist Bryan Belanger make an impactful statement with bright colours, bold contrasts, and strong visual movement. New Dawn is a bichromatic work that plays off the relationship between blue and yellow hues to produce a refreshing effect, while Astral Projection invites more colours to the composition, and combines them with finer lines to create drama and tension within the piece. Bryan Belanger is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by multiple mediums and their relationship to one another. His  work is playful, passionate, and reflects the curious nature in us all.