307 Sherbourne St (at Gerrard),
Toronto, ON


One of Toronto’s rising artists, with extensive mural and exhibition experience, Sweetman was commissioned to design and produce the 20 panel installation that would frame the temporary public space in Toronto’s downtown eastside.  

As part of the 2015 edition of Culture Days – a national arts initiative –  Sweetman, with the support of local youth,  created a piece entitled “Pollinators” inspired by all forms of pollinators  from bees to bats and of course the wind. The resulting new work has transformed the fence bordering this once empty site at Sherbourne/Gerrard into a vibrant, colorful landmark, that has received an outpouring of positive feedback from community members.

This PATCH mural is the first phase of community programming facilitated by Oben Flats, and ideas for what else is to come range from a skating rink or pollinator garden to a temporary market on the site leading up to its eventual development.

About Our Partner

Conceived in Europe. Arriving in Toronto.

Oben Flats was born in 2007 with a series of sublime rental properties in Cologne and Dusseldorf. In a culture where privileged rentals was the norm, their properties pushed the boundaries even further. They developed modern, contemporary spaces that appealed to the city’s most discerning residents, and quickly became renowned for the caliber of our spaces.

With several inspiring properties across Toronto,  Oben Flats saw this currently empty site as an opportunity to connect with the local community members,  work to beautify the landscape and make the space available for more beneficial uses until construction can begin.

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