330 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1X2

Erica Brisson is a Toronto-born artist. Her drawings capture fragments of everyday experience in the city. Past projects have included exhibitions, illustrations, books, workshops, and visual identities, made both alone and collaboratively. Underlying Erica’s work is a desire to explore how the physical and social environment shape everyday experience. The drawings in this installation were originally commissioned by the Tandem cultural exchange program.

About Our Partner

Since 1967, Greenpark has been a leader in Canada’s new home industry, setting the standard in quality, choice and service excellence while building over 55,000 homes and condos.

330 Richmond: Greenpark is always committed to working with the most talented people. At 330 Richmond, the team includes two award-winning and world-renowned companies (Core Architects Inc. and II BY IV DESIGN). Under Greenpark’s vision and leadership, this team has designed a building that is so compelling, attractive and desirable, it will truly become Toronto’s Newest Suite Spot.

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