Now and Then

592 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON

Toronto’s Selby Mansion has played many roles over the last few decades: a school; a gay bar; a hotel; and a historic landmark. It seems fitting that local artist and architect Steve Socha would be commissioned by Tricon Luxury Residences and MOD Developments, who are responsible for the heritage-informed rental project which is being developed at the same address.

Combining the old with the new and everything in between, Socha believes that ‘to collapse a hundred moments into one image is to tell the story of the passage of time in an instant’. The works, cover over 1200 square feet of expansive hoarding at 592 Sherbourne Street, reflect the architectural evolution of Selby Street.

Socha’s work stitches together hundreds of images of the site, much like the site stitches together many histories. The artist uses an overlay technique to represent a different vantage point on the built environment, one that merges multiple instances of the same object, incorporating the element of time.

Through the use of repeating imagery, he tries to build a connection. The images try to bridge the average, mean, or essence of the streetscape by emphasizing only the repetitive elements.

About Our Partner

The first Canadian venture by Tricon, co-developed with MOD developments, the Selby is a high end 50-storey rental residential tower set to open in 2018. Along with the historic Gooderham mansion integrated into the structure, the building will feature a residents-only bar as well as a theatre, private dining area for hosting events and a lounge.

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