Lawrence Heights Revitalization

Fleminton Rd and Ranee Ave, Toronto ON

STEPS has partnered with Heights Development and Toronto Community Housing Corporation, lead artist Adrian Hayles alongside local youth emerging artists to facilitate the creation of a 1,900 sq.ft. temporary community mural which will be installed on the construction hoarding surrounding the site of the future Yorkdale Condominiums.

The work’s design reflects insights that were shared by local youth about their neighbourhood. The piece features Neptune as both a mythical figure and a planet surrounded by lush greenery and maze-like vines evocative of Lawrence Heights. A diversity of animals tie the piece together as they explore neo-classical and nibble on traditional street art elements throughout the piece.

About Our Partner

Lawrence Heights is Toronto Community Housing’s largest Revitalization project and almost double the size of Regent Park. Through Revitalization, this 100-acre site (40.5-hectares) south of Yorkdale Shopping Centre will be transformed into a vibrant, mixed-income community. Heights Development Inc, a partnership between Context and Metropia, has been selected to manage the revitalization of Phase 1. Expected to be complete in 2021, this will include the replacement of 233 Toronto Community Housing units, the addition of 824 private market units, along with the creation of new public parks and new retail. The first building, 1A includes 316 condominium units separated by a pedestrian mews, as well as approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial space along Ranee Ave.