Intervening Variables

36 Birch Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4V 1C8

It is especially at highly fraught, impactful moments which challenge our core values, that human autonomy is sometimes threatened with reduction to simply that of an intervening variable – frail and sensitive. This is a group of lens-based collages depicting faceless figures living in immense, sterile, metaphysical worlds made up by man-made objects such as walls. Walls safeguard us as they isolate and separate us. They represent dilemmas faced by individuals as well as the collective in which one has to choose against one form of freedom or free will over something that seems just as important.

About Our Partner

North Drive creates one-of-a-kind offerings that are architecturally ambitious, contextually responsive and transit-oriented — legacy buildings, impeccable interiors and classic developments that are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of selective buyers.

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