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This work reflects a universal visual language through the use of patterns, symbols, hieroglyphics, geometry and colours that have existed across many cultures since the earliest cave drawings and images created by man.

Rodrigo Castro, aka “Bomi” was born in León, Mexico and is now based in Toronto. His artwork is highly representative of his Latin American culture and boasts colourful patterns, symbols, and geometric shapes through his distinctive minimalistic style. In 2012, Rodrigo attended The Art Centre at Central Technical School where his interest in painting grew stronger and he began to develop his unique style. Castro’s work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals across the globe, including Context Gallery, Blank Canvas Gallery, the International Water, Sunfest ’15 Colores de Latinoamerica and Salsa on St. Clair Festivals.


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As a widely diversified real estate company throughout the Greater Toronto Area, State Building Group has developed a full range of outstanding luxury condominiums and many prestigious single-family master planned communities. State Building Group also builds and manages a portfolio of premium retail, commercial and industrial buildings, and multi-family high-rise residential rental properties.


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