Fleurs Fusillades

1331 Queen St East, Toronto, ON M4L 1C6

This series, fleurs fusillades (floral bombs), uses imagery from nature to provide a respite from construction’s often visual and sonic chaos. In Toronto, the ever-evolving cityscape around us can detract from human-scaled interactions between the built city and its citizens. fleurs fusillades counters that by bringing nature to the street/construction site.

About Our Partner

For over 60 years, Rockport has developed innovative residential and commercial projects providing thousands of people in Toronto, and the GTA wonderful places to live, work and play. Rockport is a proud supporter of the arts and finding ways to bring creativity and colour to the communities we build in.

George Condos + Towns
Located in the heart of Leslieville, this intimate 8-storey residence features 83 units and 8 modern towns. Named for George Leslie, the famous Toronto horticulturalist and founder of this historic community, George is built for design-conscious urbanites with an eye for the good life.


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