Cultural Hotspot North

700 Sheppard Ave West, Toronto ON


This work is informed by imagery and oral histories that reflect North York’s past, present and future. To inform the design, emerging local artist Beth Dawson in collaboration with the PATCH facilitated workshops, during which local residents of all ages reflected on and shared their experiences of the area.

The artwork makes use of localized topographic maps, onto which area landmarks are layered, creating a kind of visual memory map, with references to the Don River and subway lines alluding to aspects of the community’s natural separation, and later connectivity. Within the lines of the river, are silhouettes of local residents participating in activities that have been enjoyed for years in the area, reflective of how the past and future are connected – like memories passed down from generation to generation.

This project was a part of the official Cultural Hotspot North program, and engaged a myriad of local community and school groups.

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Cultural Hotspot North

The Cultural Hotspot is a City of Toronto initiative that shines a spotlight on arts, culture and community outside of the downtown core; inspiring new ideas about where culture thrives in Toronto. A big part of this is about promoting the vibrant community, culture, business, green spaces and heritage in designated Hotspot areas – North York in 2016.

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