Birthday Suit

1544 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Artist statement:

Birthday Suit is a series of photographs taken by Lisbon based artist Ricardo Quaresma of a performance by Toronto based artist Rui Pimenta that took place during an art residency in Lisbon, Portugal in the autumn of 2012. This project was conceived by Pimenta as a way of examining the dynamic of immigration and the impact it has had on his own sense of identity. The immigrant is in many ways someone living in a state of “in-betweenness”; forever in-between the place they have left and the place they have come to, stripped of the identity they once assumed yet alienated by the new customs and values they are expected to adopt. This is the delicate postion the immigrant often occupies in their society but it is also a postion rich with the possibility of ever new self-discovery.

The photographs in this series are also a metaphor for the creative process and the play between what is concealed and what is revealed that is so fundamental in the act of making of art. Just as the costume, made from latex and rice paper to resemble human skin, which the character in these photos wears suggests the exposed vulnerability of nakedness, it also serves as a protective barrier. Likewise, the role of the artist is to be receptive and ever observant to the world around them while also remaining weary of succumbing to the influence of the opinions, tastes and critiques presented by that same world if they are to effectively comment on or represent that world.

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Another Quality Development by Edenshaw Developments Limited

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Introducing: Bairro Alto

Made of porcelain, glass and precast, designed by Quadrangle Architects Limited, the terracing eight storey residential building at 1544 Dundas West will enhance urban life on all its edges.

DUNDAS street will have new shops.

SHERIDAN avenue will welcome new trees and flowering planting.

The NORTH LANE will neatly consolidate car and service vehicle traffic.

The EAST LANE will feature new planting and pedestrian lighting with the Alto’s lobby and amenity space adding “eyes on the lane”.

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