Val Sears

Val Sears is a Toronto-based artist, born in Oshawa, Ontario. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University in 2012 and received the David W. Bain award for her thesis series This Place Then. Later that year she received the title of Best Student Painter at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Val has since continued to exhibit within Toronto and the surrounding area. Although she works in various mediums, painting is her primary focus as she continues to explore processes to depict memory and the everyday. Her work explores the ever-changing North American landscape and how frequent change affects visual recall of public space. Reflecting on repetitious land features like markers guarding new infrastructure, road signs, window grids, and intersections, her compositions reference geometric patterns used to dictate navigation. Addressing a sense of disorientation from living within a city in constant fluctuation, she produces, repeats, and puzzles together re-imagined landscapes. Val was one of fourteen artists and designers whose work was exhibited as part of “FORM Together”, a collaborative hoarding exhibit developed in partnership with OCAD University and Tridel.