Sean Wainsteim

Sean Wainsteim is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and artist living in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of OCAD University, he splits time between commercial, documentary and narrative projects that often use magic-realism to explore the spaces between history and memory. His works have screened on IFC and Sundance. Sean’s project ZEI GEZUNT // KEEP WELL is a documentary series celebrating the creations of his grandfather, Lejb Pilanski. A former sweatshop tailor who came to Canada as a refugee after World War II, Lejb built a sewing room and workshop in his basement as a place to invent and innovate, turning discarded and secondhand objects into unique creations. While they are entirely unique, they also speak to ingenuity common in many immigrants. Sean’s approached creation of the photographic works in the same raw, exploratory spirit that he deeply admires in his grandfather’s objects, resulting in bold, graphic documents that evoke both innovation and a reverence to the immigrant communities that built Toronto. These pieces invite a dialogue between generations. They are testaments to adaptability and innovation. He was one of fourteen artists and designers whose work was exhibited as part of “FORM Together”, a collaborative hoarding exhibit developed in partnership with OCAD University and Tridel.