Nick Counter

Nick Counter is a freelance art director and visual artist. Since graduating OCAD University in 2011, he has directed web and video projects on subjects ranging from anatomy and astronomy, to evolution and water sustainability. Currently taking a break from client work, he is focusing on building a body of personal work rooted in his love of the surreal, mixed reality experiences, and all things nature. Working predominantly with 3D software and simulation to create semi-predictable environments, characters, and patterns, Nick builds and explores dream-like spaces that can be experienced as static images, animations, or interactive adventures. He is currently focused on creating projects that get people outside, exploring and interacting with the environment through experimental narrative and imagery. Through his love of storytelling, exploration, and the outdoors, Nick’s ultimate goal is to change the way we view and experience the urban environment. He was one of fourteen artists and designers whose work was exhibits as part of “FORM Together,” a collaborative hoarding exhibit developed in partnership with OCAD University and Tridel.