Kathryn Macnaughton

Kathryn Macnaughton is a Toronto artist and graduate of OCAD University. She began her artistic career creating editorial illustrations and designing book covers for Penguin Random House. During this time Kathryn’s designs were heavily influenced by her fascination with collage, an interest that continues to inspire her paintings today. Her work has been covered by publications including The Coveteur, CBC Radio Q, Elle Magazine, The Gathered Gallery, Carbon Paper, Fashion Unlimited Magazine, and Suite Haven. Her abstract paintings are compositional and textural experiments in acrylic paint. They are also canvases of contradiction: at once contemporary and timeless, flat and sculptural, compiled and uniform, static and unmistakably alive. These works are playful reminders that the abstract need not be unfamiliar. Inspired by collage, cut-outs, the iconic vintage palettes of the 1970s, and digital illustration, Kathryn’s paintings respond—and inform—the many and converging concerns of the moment: permanence, fragments, history and its ephemera. She was one of fourteen artists and designers whose work was exhibited as part of “FORM Together”, a collaborative hoarding exhibit developed in partnership with OCAD University and Tridel.