Ela Opas

Ela Opas is an artist working primarily in traditional painting media. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing from OCAD University. In her thesis, she explored sacred spaces in modern Italy and their significance in the life of the contemporary humanity—influenced by a study period in Italy. In these works, she commented on the relationship between sacred architecture, music and spirituality and its influence on today’s society. She has exhibited in X Florence Biennale, and recently in Pro Biennale in Venice and Biennale di Genova. Ela’s latest works resulted in mixed media techniques, spontaneity, exploration, and the search for sublime. Her meditative pieces, featuring calm, discreet lines and soft forms, aim to counter the hustle and bustle of the city and bring peace within the speed of daily urban life. Ela was one of fourteen artists and designers whose work was exhibited as part of “FORM Together”, a collaborative hoarding exhibit developed in partnership with OCAD University and Tridel.