PATCH Alex Park, Nov 2013, Diego Rojas(2)

The PATCH Portfolio Development Program (PDP) is a capacity building program for emerging artists to get their foot in the door in the Toronto public art scene. Participating artists have attended workshops with experts from the field, on the topics of:

  • Discovering artistic identity
  • Writing artistic CV and bio
  • Photographing and documenting artwork
  • Digital and social media for promotion
  • Grant writing
  • Health and safety for murals, among others.



Participating artists learned the skills necessary to build public art projects in Toronto. They were also paired with artistic mentors who offered them support on how to make their mark on our urban landscape.

After a long winter of workshops, artists are now working on pop-up artistic interventions across the city, working collaboratively with the community, painting in the public realm, and engaging passersby in the process.