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Yshmael Cabana

Yshmael is a visual artist based in North York. Born and raised in the Philippines, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Technological Institute of the Philippines. Since 2010, he has been working in Canada as a designer and an active advocate of Filipino migrant rights and welfare.

From winning a logo design competition for Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre, Yshmael's works have been consistently used by community-based organizations for various campaigns: Canada-wide human rights tour in 2012, International Day to End Impunity in 2012, and Mabuhay Festival held in Harbourfront Centre among others.

Artistic Statement

As a trained-architect, I engage art in various scales. I believe that the actual process of creative making — as distinct from the product — can be used to make a difference. Good design can never be taken into account without research and understanding the brief. As much as one can claim that a body of work is original, there will always be a precedent or a concurrent work and this is how I embrace a particular design problem.

I adore minimal compositions as much as vibrant bold. My critical attitude is essentially projected towards the positivist outlook of the future.


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