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Yaw Tony

Yaw Tony is an artist/designer based in Toronto; he is the founder of Elohim Studio (Architectural and Design Studio) and Life Liveth In Me (textiles and visual communication projects). Yaw has a background in Architecture and Visual Art; he studied at OCAD U, Toronto and a master’s candidate at Cardiff University, UK. Currently feature cover for Designlines, Toronto.

Artistic Statement

As an artist/designer, I strongly believe that I have a responsibility to fulfill: to influence others, the present, and the next generation through an inspiration caused by a passion which is propelled by a vision birth by a conviction which is produced by a purpose. It is purposeful for me to inspire with my artwork whether through hidden messages in the artwork, the use of colours, or even through the forms.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Textile Art, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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