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Vivian Rosas

Vivian Rosas is a Toronto based Latinx illustrator and designer. Since graduating from OCADU, her primary work has been in editorial illustration, as well as in the animated video sphere. Her work is created in a variety of mediums including digital and screen-printing. She seeks to explore themes of feminism, empowerment, and diversity. Play and discovery are key to her practice, especially when she gets a chance to work on a mural.

Artistic Statement

My goal with my work is to create imagery that expresses a sense of inclusiveness, and diversity. I’m inspired by femininity, strength, nature and the whimsical. As a latinx artist I try to put forward imagery that allows underrepresented communities to see themselves in my work. In working with many different methods, from painting to screen printing, I can communicate positive images full of love and happiness, while also empowering a much broader audience. I usually start my process by sketching out ideas which often turn into digital compositions and illustrations. As of late these works have transcended to the public realm as I’ve had the opportunity to paint and design more murals.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Printmaking/Silkscreening

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