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Troy Pynn

Troy graduated from OCADU's graphic design program in 2012 and has been a free lancing graphic artist ever since. His passion lies within typography and the written word particularly in public spaces. Troy's interest in these areas of the art world derive from his involvement in skateboarding and graffiti culture both of which are rooted in public space.

Artistic Statement

I do the work I do because I think its important. I have words I want to share, and I want to share them in a visually engaging way. My messages are often play on words, or poetry quotes, I'm looking for an open-ended message, one that can start a conversation. I want my work to communicate with complete strangers. My big inspirations are Steve "espo" powers, Barbara Kruger, and Kay Rosen. These artists all focus on the written word existing in public spaces. I work in a variety of different mediums and I work very quickly.


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