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Ted Hamer

Ted Hamer, a graduate of OCAD and Durham College's Animation-Arts Program, draws, paints, and sculpts. His work has been recognized with awards, bursaries, and scholarships. In recent years Ted has taken his practice from studio based to public based. He's painted murals across Ontario from small towns in the north to Toronto and Niagara Region. Ted has been chosen twice for the Bell Box Mural Program and was Chosen as a StreetARToronto Traffic box Artist for 2015; Ted was also recently selected to join the artist roster for the StART Underpass Program.

Artistic Statement

I explore movement and form in my work; many of them feature human or animal figures sometimes combing the two. I strive to create compositions that break from the size and shape of the canvas or object to convince the viewer to follow the image around the surface. In my painting I work in acrylic brush paint and spray paint. I tend to plan my works out beforehand which allows me a system of quick completion while still having spontaneity. My inspiration comes from pop art, comic books, modern and vintage illustration and sculpture.


Illustration, Painting

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