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Stephanie Payne

Stephanie Payne is a Latina-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, designer, and visual storyteller. Her practice integrates painting, collage, illustration, and graphic design. In addition to studio work, she also has a background in theatre, specifically in set design, scenic painting, and props. Originally born in Edmonton, Payne spent most of her childhood and teens between Southeast Asia, Venezuela, and Trinidad & Tobago, and has called Montreal and Toronto home for the past eight years. The dynamic of Canadian versus global citizenship motivates her to explore the themes of Identity, transformation, and impermanence in her work.

Payne holds a Certificate of Graphic Design for print and web from Humber College, and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University, with a Major in Studio Arts and a minor in Theatre Design. She has exhibited in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and internationally in Berlin, where she did a residency in 2015 with TAKT Kunstraum.

Artistic Statement

The main intention with my art is to evoke a sense of curiosity and child-like wonder. Growing up inspired by magical realism, my creative process centres on the ephemeral and is explored through psychedelic colours and patterns. I create narratives employing Canadian nature as my protagonist.

My multidisciplinary approach begins by collecting distinct images into a collage-like format. This serves as a starting point to construct the visual environments I produce. I then utilize Photoshop and Illustrator to digitally manipulate different scenarios. The final step of my mural practice is to combine hand painting, wheat pasting, illustration and spray paint.

Each piece is treated like a portal or doorway into another universe that invites the viewer to rethink their own perspectives. These invented worlds are situated in a whimsical and dislocated environment that symbolically explores impermanence and transformation, addresses synchronicity with nature, and offers space for introspection.


Collage, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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