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Stephanie Boutari

Stephanie Boutari is an artist and muralist with a background in architecture and interior design. She started painting murals while completing her Master of Architecture degree at the University of Waterloo in 2014. Her thesis, entitled "Painting Architecture" focused on architecture's outer surfaces, and since then her interest in murals and public art has continued to grow.

For the last few years, Stephanie has worked between the fields of architecture and art, working full-time at a design-build firm in Toronto while pursuing mural work independently. She has worked on projects ranging from commercial and residential interior design to custom architectural fabrication and three-dimensional art pieces.

In June 2017, she shifted to freelance work to pursue her passion for art full-time. She has also partnered with Boko, a design-build studio and workshop based in New Hamburg.

Artistic Statement

My work strives to bridge the gaps between art, architecture and design. Rather than seeing them as separate disciplines, they inform and influence each other in my creative process.

I am particularly fascinated by the ability of paint to shape and transform architecture. A thin layer of paint can make a building volume look heavier or lighter, larger or smaller, still or in motion, fragmented or whole. It can tell a story, revitalize a neighbourhood, spark a conversation, or become a social landmark.

Although I have explored a variety of styles and techniques in my work, my recent focus has been on geometric abstraction and the creation of illusory depth and dimension through painting. Concepts of optical art, colour relativity, pattern and immersive environments continue to inspire my work.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol

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