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SoTeeOh is a Toronto-based photographer focused on stylized views of daily urban life. Drawing inspiration from the realms of design, architecture, and fashion, he creates images that share a sense of urban grit through an emphasis on symmetry, pattern, and color. SoTeeoh style of imagery has helped him amass a strong following within Toronto's creative community. He has also worked on commercial projects with many notable brands and exhibited work in city wide arts festivals such as the Contact Photography Festival and Nuit Blanche. SoTeeOh is represented by Art Works Consulting.

Artistic Statement

My goal with this body of work is to capture the quintessential mood and energy of the city. In other words, "the vibe" of Toronto. I look for culture, motion, iconic landmarks and familiar vantage points to showcase the complexity and diversity of this amazing city.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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