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Shatha Shamik

Shatha enjoys producing artwork that motivates people to consider art from new and unpredictable ways. When starting a new art project, she surprise others (and sometimes even herself) with new ideas and designs. Shatha makes use of various mediums and materials, which she combines in unique ways in order to convey strong emotions to her audience. She is driven to create artwork that provokes new ways of thinking and seeing the world. At times her work seems random and arbitrary, as if she is traversing an alternate reality that she cannot quite grasp. In her work, clarity is difficult to find and if it resides anywhere, it is in the visceral, in the maze and multidimensional and extraordinary part of our daily lives.

Artistic Statement

Art has always been a passion in my life, since I was a small child. Throughout my life, I've met few of artists they were with me in the same school, college and at work, they have inspired by my arts and have been influenced by my new ideas and artwork in important ways. I usually begin with a general idea about what I want to accomplish, and I allow my imagination to run wild, while and are virtually extinct in the wild.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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