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Shari Kasman

Shari Kasman is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose work is influenced by her immediate surroundings. In exploring a variety of media, she creates thought-provoking and engaging work. Her art has been shown in both Toronto’s public spaces and private spaces with output taking the form of everything from installation to illustration.

Artistic Statement

I base my creations on local spaces and places, turning to whichever medium seems most suitable for any given project. In conceptual pieces, my work provokes thought on sociocultural phenomena and contemporary issues. Other creations result from experimentation with everyday objects or found materials. Whether using photographs to draw attention to rejected objects and disused spaces or representing images in ink, I approach my work through a unique lens and offer a novel view of the world. Here, a series of buildings and homes reflect Toronto’s streetscapes, capturing the spirit of the city’s neighbourhoods; vibrant colours infuse the structures with added life.


Illustration, Photography

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