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Shari Kasman

Shari is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. She documents her surroundings through photographs, tracking changes in single objects over time or otherwise, focussing on minutiae, oddities, or neglect and decay. No matter which medium, her work often includes an element of humour or absurdity. In one series of photographs she documents discarded furniture, setting these furnishings alongside text to recontextualize them as objects from a home decor magazine, and in another, she captures photos of laundry hanging from clotheslines, making these out to be items from a magazine filled with trends in fashion and style. Shari’s continued interest in concepts and ideas related to her surroundings is reflected in her work.

Artistic Statement

My work speaks to the effect that fences have in creating boundaries. This series of photographs shows fences as viewed from the outside in spots where greenery from private property crosses over into public space. It is a depiction of the natural world breaking through the borders delineated by a manmade construct. In displaying this work on fence surfaces that surround spaces that are void of nature, I hope to give the illusion that plant life exists just beyond the fence.


Illustration, Photography

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