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Shaheer Zazai

Shaheer is a Toronto based Afghan-Canadian artist with a BFA from OCAD University. His practice revolves around language, politics and history. His current studio practice - both as a painter and a digital new media artist - exploring and attempting to investigate the social and cultural development throughout history, and how it can influence cultural identity. His digital works revolve around Microsoft Word and imagery drawn from traditional Afghan carpets. Through mimicking carpet-making methods, he creates his own designs in Microsoft Word, where every knot of a carpet is translated into a typed character. Shaheer's work deals with the constant re-examination of identity and culture that is manifested in contemporary art.

Artistic Statement

My digital practice is about creating textile designs using software meant for producing documents. I see my digital works as stories weaved together using text and highlighters to imbed them into a textile pattern. In Microsoft Word with the use of characters/text and highlighters I create patterns that are reminiscent of textile patterns and in my recent series they have been presented as carpet designs. I mimic textile making methods to weave my designs that are improvised once a palette has been selected for the set piece.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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