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Scott Eunson

Scott Eunson has been exploring the grey area between the realms of art and design for the past 14 years. Since receiving a degree in architecture, he has been exclusively creating sculptural works in a variety of materials, exhibiting in solo and group shows to critical success. He has completed many commissioned projects for commercial clients around the world.

Recently, Scott has produced several large public artworks for the TTC and City of Toronto in collaboration with Marianne Lovink. Scott is currently pursuing large-scale sculptural commissions as well as projects in custom furniture and lighting design.

Artistic Statement

I take a contextual approach to creating my work, using aspects of the site to inform the form and materiality of the piece. Patterns derived from natural or local sources are abstracted and re-applied to a material. An emphasized materiality contrasted with an organic complexity gives rise to a new understanding of basic, universal structures and patterns.


Installation Art, Mixed Media

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