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Sarah Collard

Sarah is a prolific artist, painting a body of work annually as well as murals in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec. Her gallery work focuses on sexual and musical imagery using juxtaposition and humour and is motivated from personal trauma. However, her murals are more topic driven, reflecting impressionistic glimpses into the past, present and future of specific communities. Collard is a fine arts graduate, art teacher and gifted speaker. Her current goal is to expand her mural work to include apprenticeship and mentoring. She has painted 25 exterior walls in Winnipeg, transit controller boxes and several murals in Toronto and Hamilton.

Artistic Statement

My murals involve natural themes such as waterfalls, streams, animals, habitat and forests. Other murals make use of historical imagery found in archives and are blended with contemporary photographs which I take myself. All imagery relates to the site, historical context and natural environment. I ask myself "Where have they been and where do they want to go?" I also try to make it fun and appealing. I have worked on several surfaces which include plywood, cresone, brick, concrete and alupanel. I have used all kinds of paint including latex, enamel, and artist acrylics. I do not use airbrush or spray; everything is brush painted.



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