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Ryan Van Der Hout

Ryan Van Der Hout is a photo-based artist working in Toronto. His work explores photographic materials and experimental processes. His most recent work investigates the relationship between photography and technology using laser cutters and CNC machines.

Ryan has an ongoing documentary project focused on artistic process and studio space. This work has been widely published including The Huffington Post, CBC.ca and Readers Digest.

Ryan's work has been exhibited across Canada, the U.K. and in New York, most notably as part of the AGO’s Collector’s series, as a featured Contact exhibition and in Flash Forward. His work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council and awarded the Emerging Artist Award by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. He's a graduate of Ryerson's photography program.

Artistic Statement

I'm extremely interested in the processes and materials of the photographic medium. The flatness of the paper, it's ability to be cut, burnt and transformed. I started out working primarily with photographs which are photos at their most basic. Photographic paper and light. As my career has developed I've been drawn to using technology in tandem with photographic materials. Much of my current work involves laser cutting photographic paper to turn it into a lace like material. Ultimately all my experiments focus on the nature of the photograph; its objecthood.


Photography, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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