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Rui Pimenta

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Rui Pimenta lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited both internationally and across Canada. He is represented by Lausberg Contemporary and is affiliated with commercial galleries in Ottawa, Vancouver, Antwerp and Lisbon. He has studied at the Toronto School of Art and graduated with honours in Philosophy and Humanities from York University.

Rui was co-founder and artistic director of Median Contemporary (2008 – 2010), a pop-up gallery that showcased new & integrated media based work, as well as installation projects. He is the founder, co-organizer, and curator of Art Spin, now in its fifth season. He is currently on the board of directors for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and has participated on various juries including the Ontario Arts Council.

Artistic Statement

Birthday Suit is a series of photographs by Lisbon based artist Ricardo Quaresma, capturing a performance by Rui that took place as part of a residency in that same city during the autumn of 2012. This project was conceived by Pimenta as a way of examining the dynamic of immigration and the impact it has had on his own sense of identity.

The photographs in this series are also a metaphor for the creative process and the play between what is concealed and what is revealed that is so fundamental in the act of making of art. The role of the artist is to be receptive and ever observant to the world around them while also remaining weary of succumbing to the influence of the opinions, tastes and critiques presented by that same world if they are to effectively comment on or represent that world.


Photography, Mixed Media

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