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Rosena Fung

Rosena Fung is a Toronto-based illustrator and comic artist whose work is dynamic, whimsical, and sometimes a little crazy. She has a particular fondness for creating clever visual solutions within dense, exuberant worlds. Rosena is a graduate of the Illustration program at OCAD University. Prior to OCAD U, she received her MA in Anthropology from University of Toronto, but she realized that she loved drawing more than anything else when she went over her research notes and found them filled with illustrations of all sorts. Her name is pronounced “Rosanna”.

Artistic Statement

My work is dynamic, wild, and full of movement while also capturing a sense of something sweet. I am compelled to create whimsically chaotic worlds within single or sequential images—our world is a wonderland and I just want to capture it. I am driven by the inexplicable desire to keep creating. This is accompanied with the compulsion to tell the stories everyone has, and to create narratives ranging from the banal to the fantastic. I work with a combination of brush and ink, painting, screenprinting, comics, and typography, but I'm always searching for new ways of image-making. Experimentation and challenging myself propels me forward.


Illustration, Painting

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