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Ron Wild

Ron Wild is an innovative Canadian artist regularly collaborating with other media artists, as well as scientists and medical researchers. As a cross-camp runner, transporting ideas from one silo of expertise to the other; he not only cross-pollinates original ideas, but also illustrates the lateral thinking explorations that spawned them in the first place.

Artistic Statement

My creative process features vibrant mash- ups remixing up to 100 layers of finely detailed digital imagery. I have a knack for playfully collaging disparate images into a cohesive whole. I call them ‘maps’ because they reflect the organic results of the pixel by pixel micro- composing attention I pay to them. The smART Maps generally portray my genuine interests in math + science + engineering + technology + innovation + creativity. In addition, I focus what is special about the here and now of the early 21st century. I find inspiration in blazing new trails in our digital age.


Collage, Graphic/Digital Art, Installation Art

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