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Romana Kassam

Romana Kassam is a self-taught cross-disciplinary artist inspired by darkness, light and the cracks in between. A Toronto-based visual artist, her practice includes painting, singing, fabric-based performance, social active art and installation. After finding the courage to leave her corporate gig behind her a couple years ago, she has created a life out of art and is using her varying talents to examine ideas around space, inclusivity, feminism and equality.

Artistic Statement

I acknowledge that I have a responsibility as an artist to stay vulnerable and keep expressing myself through my art to inspire those around me. I have always wanted to be a voice for those that did not have one or are afraid to speak up. I would say my art is inspired by the stories that most are not willing to tell because I believe that truth is transformative. I love challenging myself to try new things in my practice but have perfected mural work, painting and installation. I heard once that pressure produces diamonds and I can admit that I will create my best work under intense timelines. As a storyteller I love creating alone but I also really enjoy co-creation and being able to leverage the talents of those around me to tell even more powerful narratives through art.


Painting, Installation Art

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