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Rodrigo Castro

Rodrigo Castro was born in Leon, Mexico and is now based in Toronto, Ontario. His interest in symmetry, patterns and symbols encourage him to explore those ideas using his distinctive minimalistic approach. In 2012, Rodrigo attended the Art Centre at Central Technical School where his interest in painting grew stronger and he began to develop his unique style. Rodrigo was part of the International Water Festival in Toronto in 2014 as well as completed a commissioned mural for a cafe in Kensington Market. He has also had his work featured in the "Sunfest ' Colores de Latinoamerica " exhibition in London, Ontario. The "De Colores" exhibition at the Salsa on St.Clair festival in Toronto and the "We are symbols" exhibition at OCAD in March 2016.

Artistic Statement

My works reflects an universal visual language through the use of patters, symbols, hieroglyphics, geometry and colour that have existed across many cultures since the earliest cave drawings and images created by man. These images gave people the ability to communicate through a common visual language and also allowed them to grow and develop as cultures.


Painting, Photography, Stencil Art

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