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Rob Croxford

Rob is a full-time artist living in east Toronto. In the last decade, he has shown in over 120 juried & solo exhibitions and has completed almost 1200 works of art. Rob has participated in The Toronto International Art Fair, eight exhibitions at The Artist Project as well as showing in Kelowna BC and in the USA. He is featured in "The Hogtown Project" coffee table book, and is represented in the City of Toronto’s permanent Art Collection. He was also commissioned by the TV series “Bomb Girls” to produce artwork for their show. Rob has been profiled in Argyle Magazine, Neighborhood Living Magazine, The S.C.A Journal, Spacing Magazine and many others. Rob's vintage-style work is instantly identifiable! It is quite playful, mostly clever, slightly twisted, and often has a "pocket-sized" political edge.

Artistic Statement

I have been working on my “Sign of the Times” series for four years now. In that time, I have painted 40 of this city’s great communities. The art is all acrylic on wood/canvas, and has a very retro feel. Each painting has been designed specifically to mimic vintage travel posters. This retro look helps lend to the feeling of nostalgia the viewer feels about their city. I feel that is vital to LOVE (for better AND for worse) the city you choose to live in.



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