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Renata Janiszewska

Visual artist Renata Janiszewska was born in London, England. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Toronto, and engaged in further studies in Experimental Art at OCADU. Her art comes out of a passion for line and colour. She has created dynamic works in diverse media, with a concentration on drawing. In 2010 she turned her practise toward the digital, and now paints almost exclusively on electronic canvas. She is a thinker and a dreamer in colour. She lives in Toronto.

Artistic Statement

Art humanizes, art civilizes, and I strongly believe that art belongs everywhere. The urban landscape is glutted with advertising, which has a soul-destroying quality. There are a great number of construction projects always evolving, which detract from a human-scale interaction between the built city and its citizens. I make art that can be installed on various media, from the tiny 1" x 1" ceramic tile, to a billboard-sized mural, easily scaled up thanks to its digital format. With subject matter based on gardens and vegetation, I seek to provide a soothing, calming set of images as an antidote to construction's chaos and brutal noise.


Collage, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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