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Rei Misiri

Rei Misiri is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist who migrated from Tirana, Albania. Since the 2010, Rei has remained passionately active in hosting and managing integrated art and dance events, including Unity Charity concert live art exhibit, Freethym Art Festival, MEC anniversary 2010-2013 (sponsored by Panasonic), and UBL Main Event (sponsored by Monster). He has also exhibited both his performance and visual arts in well-known locations & events such as the Air Canada Centre, Nuit Blanche, Daniels Spectrum, and Art Gallery Of Ontario. Aside from his arts, Rei has also maintained an active creativity in the field of design. Currently a project manager at B-Tek Refurbishments Inc (previously named TDMM Contracting Inc.), Rei has been involved in renovation designs for condominiums like Symphony Square and Leeward Gateway, as well as Lakeshore condominiums including Waterfront: The Explorer, and Voyager of the Seas. Further pursuing for a master’s degree in Visual Art, Rei plans to continue traveling and exhibiting, and eventually become a Fine Arts professor.

Artistic Statement

My work captures a more esoteric part of contemporary urban art and dance. By unconventionally using a palette of diverse mediums including acrylics, inks, aerosol, printmaking, photography, calligraphy, and digital art, I portray the way several occult circles in urban arts culture lead youth in overcoming their struggles with identity, violence, and abuse, through the preservation of ancient teachings and practices. Most importantly, through my work and research, I want to demonstrate how several of these ancient practices and beliefs collide with today’s recent studies in quantum physics, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, psychology, and other health care practices. When creating art as physical, political, and spiritual medicine through vibrant colours and rhythm, a contrast of ancient and modern themes, and a dynamic graphic versus organic aesthetic, you attain sublime insight and inner wisdom -- bringing both the artist and the viewer an inspiring sense of cosmic unity.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Installation Art

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