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Razvan Anton

Born in Bucharest, Romania, Razvan Anton went on to study architecture at The Edmond Nicholaus School of Architecture but always had an affinity for art and film-making. After moving to Canada at the age of twenty, he got a degree in Film Studies from Image Arts at Ryerson University while pursuing his passion for art and photography. His art and photography traveled around the world to Toronto, New York, Italy and Japan and continues to circulate through magazines, fashion and many other means of production.

Artistic Statement

Inspired by the beautiful geometry of the city and the colorful spirit of the people that inhabit it, my work speaks directly from my experience of living in the city. My work is also the exploration of the psyche as a reflection of my environment. Lately, my work has been morphing along with the city towards a collective understanding of the idea of a perpetual changing community. As cities and people change so does my art but the deeper understanding and the positivity and strength of the community is always present.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Textile Art, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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