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Rachel Wilmshurst

Rachel Wilmshurst is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist who has studied across Canada and in New Zealand. She holds an honours B.Des from Ryerson and has gained a wide variety of professional experience in several art and design based roles over the past decade. Skilled in fine art technique as well as digital processes, Rachel’s projects have included mural painting, public art installation and gallery exhibitions in Toronto and Victoria, as well as illustration and graphic design for a growing list of local and international clients.

Artistic Statement

My process for murals and public art projects begins with detailed concept sketches drawn to scale and is executed with a combination of brushed acrylic, aerosol and paint markers. The design process allows me to visualize exactly how the piece will appear in context and encourages me to think about how the finished artwork will co-exist with the community as a whole.

I am interested in how the integration of art and public space challenges the default definition of “exhibition” as a white walled experience, addressing viewers inclusively and intimately. It’s often discovered without predisposed notions - impermanent and vulnerable, much like ourselves. Graphic design and fine art have collectively informed my style - I am equally comfortable with and excited about projects that are geometric and typographic as well as those more figurative or painterly in nature.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol

Artist Website

www.rachelwilmshurst.com | www.rachelwilmshurstdesign.com

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