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Pohan Wu

Pohan Wu is a Canadian lens-based artist born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Since 2014 his work has been exhibited in art festivals, art fairs and gallery exhibitions in North America, Asia and Europe and included in private and public collections such as the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Wu has also received multiple top international prizes including first place at the International Photography Awards (IPA) and second place at the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA). Currently he’s working on his upcoming exhibitions in Leipzig’s Baumwollspinnerei and Tianan’s InArt Space and developing a sociopolitical themed landscape project.

Artistic Statement

Good art should always play skepticism towards its conventions and speak to human experience that resonate and expand the viewers’ world. I draw most of my ideas from the ways individual beings interact with their immediate surroundings, and how that process constructs states of mind, collective memories and universal emotions. I prefer keeping myself open to learn from the subject that I work with, which usually allows it to reveal itself to me through an unexpected point of view.

My concerns in photography are with using its medium specificity to break through constraints this medium imposes in order to find new approaches and expressions. By experimenting with unconventional techniques and perspectives, it also helps discover new potentials of the subjects that I am passionate about and keeps art-making captivating.


Collage, Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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