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Peru Dyer Jalea

Trained in both traditional and digital art, and drawing from 15 years of painting graffiti, Peru found his calling as a graphic artist and muralist. While still distancing himself from labels and limitations, he continues to explore his imagination through different media.
“You can’t take yourself too seriously, especially when you’re young and have so much to learn”.

Peru calls Toronto ‘home’, where he currently moved with his beautiful wife and works as an Display Artist and woodworker.
“Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success”.

Artistic Statement

Inspired by my travels and cultural background, I playfully combine pre-Columbian and Haida motifs while applying techniques I learned in academia, as well as the many styles I picked up in the streets of the three continents I have lived in. Although spray paint has been my most developed skill, I considers myself to be a multidisciplinary mixed media artist.

Recently, my work has been driven by the theme of ‘home’, what it means to each of us and to himself. Having grown up travelling throughout Peru’s exotic extremes – as my father was a dirt-bike racer – I grew to appreciate nature and it allowed my imagination to run free. In many ways, my recent work is both an examination and a celebration of the feeling of ‘home’ I have experienced all over the world.


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