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Paul Byron

While Paul is an artist first and foremost, his technical background in the subject is eclectic, including Studio (B.A.), Art History (B.A., M.A.) and Art Therapy (pending). 2D media such as painting and drawing are central to his practice, and the digital realm is also home to frequent doodles. Paul facilitates several community art groups, bringing a diverse toolkit to work with a wide range of audiences — especially foreign language groups, in line with his passion for language.

Paul's first experience with public art in Toronto was in his home neighbourhood of St. James Town; he has contributed artistically to several more projects around the community, and was a project leader and designer for the St. James Town Banner Project. Paul has also been a caricature artist for 20 years now, and his work borrows heavily from the ludicrous.

Artistic Statement

I tend to create at leisure when creating for myself; this only makes sense, as I consider art to be above all a tool for heightening self-awareness. My materials are restricted to canvas and paper generally, although digital work (including digital collage) has also featured prominently in my oeuvre. I am inspired by graffiti, early modern art, cartoon, and the psychedelic. I work intuitively and consider that much of my imagery flows from subconscious sources; this interest is strongly linked to my study of psychology via art therapy. For commercial applications, I combine relevant aspects of this process in light of external design requirements, including proposed project timelines.


Collage, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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