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Patrice Carmichael

Based in Toronto, Patrice is a landscape and abstract painter and photographer. In many ways, her work is an extended conversation about her life and experiences. The artist is, and has always been, deeply affected by place. A native of South Africa, she spent her childhood adventuring in that rich landscape and continued to draw her energy from the natural world. Patrice likes to embrace both the strength and fragility of the creatures that occupy this space and her paintings are intended to evoke an array of moods as she translates the natural world into redefined realities of colour and design. Patrice can been found creating at the 756 Studio Collective located in Leslieville,Toronto.

Artistic Statement

As part of an ongoing journey to travel Canada's Arctic rim, I travelled with Parks Canada to document the area of Ivvavik in Canada's Western Arctic as part of their "Art in the Park" program in 2014 and 2015. An incredible opportunity to spend time with the people from the founding culture of this region and experience a wonderful place at Canada’s most north western point of land. Less than a hundred people make it into this protected area every year. It's known as "the nursery" and many of the Arctics' wildlife choose this place to give birth.


Painting, Photography

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